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Horizontal Rotisserie M6US2R

Complete Package US$ 10,155.00 BEST QUALITY Munich 6 Perfect build and solid quality - like all our rotisseries. With a maximum load of 55 (double row) succulent chicken, Munich 6 is the right size for most food operators. You can control every single burner and every burner is ignition?controlled - just as Munich 8 and 4 are. Side-doors can be opened easily. Easy handling and maintenance cuts your cost and is another great advantage. Even the motor can be disengaged from the back. The drive chain tightens automatically. Width 50 ?? , Height 58? ,Depth 22 ,Max. load 55 Power /Gas consumption : Propane 27 KW,Natural gas 25.5 KW, BTU (Propane) 92,100 BTU (Natural gas) 87,000 Motor 115 V /60 Cooking time ( 2 ? lbs chicken) 55 min.

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Round basket for Muenich grill (ROUNDB) US$167.25

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